More on that later. With DDR the processors now have the 2. In these past 12 months since the KT chipset, we’ve seen the emergence of some crucial new technologies to partner AMD’s Socket processors, mainly in the form of memory bandwidth enhancements. First impressions aren’t exciting. It was a review sample however and I’m sure they are included in the proper retail box. Apart from that awkward layout, everything else is standard. It’s nice of Krogoth to fill in for Chuckula over the holidays.

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Dell returns to the stock market after six years. It’s all about perspective. Eminently tweakable and up to Abits usual high standards. Aquamark was a little different and didn’t seem to respond to the clock and Kra increase very much at all. Can Abit continue their trend of high performance, highly tweakable motherboards?

Abit KR7A-RAID KTA Motherboard Review | PC Perspective

Performance I’ve had a pretty special CPU here at Hexus for a short while for review and it was reviewed using this motherboard. Raif is introducing new motherboards later and later after the chipsets introduction than many of the other motherboard makers like Epox and MSI.

This removes the need for a floppy drive altogether since booting is all I use them for.


Read on to find out! This is because it touted lackluster performance and had serious USB issues. Logitech’s intelligent solution to their smart home restores Harmony.

Abit’s KR7A-RAID motherboard

For the past couple of motherboard chipsets for the AMD processors a trend has begun that no one can quite explain. Conclusion So what was the board like overall? The processor was the Athlon XP Mhz and using the Reactor waterblock and normal room temperature cooling the quickest the processor could run at was around Mhz taid voltage.

I was hoping for higher since the processor has done closer to to 1.

It seems like the extra time spent by Abit has paid off, not in feature count but in stability and performance. When VIA first introduced the KT chipset, it was met with harsh raidd and negative media reviews. Depending on your priorities, though, this board could look pretty stacked.

Voldenuit It’s nice of Krogoth to fill in for Chuckula over the holidays. Opulence for the enthusiast. Merry Christmas from The Tech Report staff! AquaNox – AquaMark V2. You have CPU volt adjust to 1.

Abit KR7A- Raid (Socket A) Overview – CNET

Remember, we turn on kr7 single performance sapping feature while running our Quake3 benchmarks. So stock performance is excellent out of the box. Finally Quake3 to show what an increase in CPU clock and memory bandwidth has kr7s the speed of the game.

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The board is no frills, stock layout, stock bundle, average features. There is decent room to the left and right of the socket but underneath the socket radi the 3 lugs are a 3 large capacitors. Not bad for AMD’s new baby and simple watercooling. Apart from that it’s fairly standard stuff. The board is very tweakable and like all Abit boards you have no jumper adjustment to worry about. DDR memory technology, where data is available on the rise and fall of the clock signal driving the memory module and memory controller, has taken off in a big way since its release and it’s now almost impossible to buy a new AMD system without DDR memory.

Motherboards Previous page Next page. More on that later. The only thing limiting things were the processor itself and the motherboard.