Thread starter gpw11 Start date Mar 11, Dangerously New Member Mar 15, You can almost hear it snap and grunt when you press it down, and doing quick moves on it seems about as effortless as pushing an elephant on roller skates, both of which I’ve tried to do. Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. I can’t even get the digital pad to work I’m thinking it could be lack of drivers again, but I’m not sure.

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Thanks for your help I coiuldn’t get it too work.

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If you can’t get it to work in ham,erhead or XP, then open device manager and expand “human interface devices”. All of the buttons and handles have a nice feel – and wreak of good quality. By design the controller is packed, and the interface compliments the controller well.

So, it does not recognize that you have a digital pad, or even rumble About Us We are committed to providing our customers with great prices and services. Maybe its due to the fact that I plug mine fc my usb ports on my keyboard?!?! Dangerously New Member Mar 20, The strange thing I found was that the usb was just an adaptor for the game port plug.

I might just update to 1. View answer in context. Also, because of the rumble feature, the pad has a heavier weight than most, something that may bother some of you who enjoy your pads small and light.


Gamepad, HammerHead FX, Force Feedback, USB Only, Self Powered

Because Motocross Madness 2 features a rumbling, jumping bike, you’ll have to deal with constant shuddering and shaking during entire levels, but if that’s your thing hammmerhead you may just love it.

Click update driver, select manualy locate driver, joystick, and then browse to the folder where you have the hammerhead drivers in.

On a side note, I did get an email from Interact assuring me that they are working on the drivers, but don’t cx a release date yet. If you go to thier site you will see that at least it hammerhaed, WinXP drivers coming soon, now instead of “We have no plans for putting out drivers for WinXP” like it used to hehe You can probably get an adapter though.

If you can’t find XP drivers than use drivers.

FREE: Interact Hammerhead FX USB gamepad

Feb 15, 4: And I really can’t wait for the drivers so I can test out the force feedback. Tal, don’t read this. It works great with my Logitech Extreme 3D Pro and other hammefhead. Anyways, the main problem I’m having is that I can’t even assign commands to the digital pad.

InterAct HammerHead Fx (USB) Free Driver Download

The advantage of having a gamepad that is configurable, is that if you don’t like the location of a particular function, you can reassign it to another button. I am not sure that it would be real comfortable for the tiny children of the house, but this gamepad’s options would be a bit for the most tiny kids anyway.


With the world bowing to 3D, it’s about time that someone on the PC side of things put out a gamepad that provided the hmamerhead analog options as our console cousins have had for years now. Payment Payment Methods accepted: Ask a question Reset.

Yes, you’ve got to buy your own batteries if you want the thing to jiggle, but other than that setup is a snap, at least in terms of Windows. You can almost hear it snap and grunt when you press it down, and doing quick hammerheav on it seems about as effortless as pushing an elephant on roller skates, both of which I’ve tried to do.

GPW, you’re replacing the wrong one. Dangerously New Member Mar 16, Why not just settle for an inexpensive gamepad and save my money for something else?

For some reason Microsoft: That’s not exactly true.