Exit the Initial mode. Set value to It should be zeroed out. Also, go to Konica Minolta’s bizhub security page, http: PS using the LPR command.

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Higher resolution is necessary only for professional graphics work. No, it is not supported. If it appears that it is clogging with dust, replace it.

PS using the LPR command. Press the Utility key on the control panel. The actuator that is used for detecting the home position of the manual feed tray bypass tray poostscript at the wrong position due to incorrect adjustment of the clutch spring and ratchet.

Access the Tech Rep Mode. The part numbers and serial number cut-ins can be found in bulletin Be sure to dispose of the existing toner bottle. There is a charge involved to cover labor and supplies. Memory appears to fi3510f locking up. To prevent this, the following change has been implemented in order to improve the strength: Please update the MSC firmware to the version discussed in bulletin F.


The machine is set for DHCP. Press the di351f initialization on the right side of the control panel. The reason for the error: The wrong developer was used.

Solution Please see the Dif specification sheet. During the postscfipt of the one-touch button at the screen where the phone number is entered, there is a speed button at the bottom of the screen. Some normal functions like Mixed Original Detectionwill inhibit auto rotation ifselected.

Press the warm restart button. About Us Innovation History. Child Drivers When the output device is chosen using the Device Selector, it can be connected to an individual printer driver made specifically for that particular device that is referred to as a Child Driver.

Konica Minolta Di Printers and MFPs specifications

Exposure lamp end terminals cracking or shorting to the scanner frame. Please replace the MFB-3 Board. Unable to view the printer web browser PageScope Web Connection. A technician should make sure the firmware in the machine is current and the machine has been properly reset.


If the initial test does not have any issues then a second test can be done. Solution It is not possible because the AFR document feeder can handle a maximum of 80 originals. Download the scriptfrom http: Width Detect Adjust key. Early firmware had an identified and corrected bug with EPS files.

October 52 Dif appropriately for the group dial that was created.

Press Stop, then 9. Solution Please perfrom the step-by-step procedure mentioned in the attached document. Solution See Security White Paper for details.