But the fact that there are now two different models seems to indicate that Cleveland recognizes that most golfers need a different kind of club than most strong, low handicap players. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. Non-conforming driver, or am I a bad person? I have always been a big swinger with the driver but moving it back to did wonders with both these clubs. King of Prussia, PA Handicap: Cleveland says traditional domed-crown drivers have a higher CG that does not align with the center of the clubface where CoR is the highest.

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Any supporting comments about this club being a fader and suggestions will be sincerely appreciated. The finely woven elastic fibers of the sock stretch more than enough to accommodate the oddly shaped club head and the attractive use of red, yellow, navy, and white lends itself to just a plain good-looking cover.

The ProForce V2 felt similarly. Availability and Pricing Both clubs are scheduled to begin shipping from Cleveland on January 15 and be available to we panting consumers on February 2. I feel very confident that in another couple of weeks those clevelad strokes will probably double.

My swing speed is pretty high and my handicap is Those changes are the result of a considerable re-design. We will either arrange for immediate replacement if replacement item is available in stock or give hiboree a full refund if replacement item is not available in stock. I picked up an unusual looking Hibore XL 9.

Cleveland HiBore Driver Review

I am going to probably go with an 8. The original Hi-Bore has an NV shaft also stiff and 9.


I have only sold one head with that low a loft. I had just had one of those driving days when every drive sailed long and straight down the middle and I couldn’t believe that I might have to give up my trusty driver Cleveland Launcher just because of a rule change.

They had the Van there so they made my club while I waited about 35mins. Your email address will not be published. King of Prussia, PA Handicap: The acoustics of the head took some time getting used to as well, it sounds rather confodming a half-full soup can at impact.

If we are not at fault, and the customer wishes to return the item s for other reasons, the item s must be sent back in their original package and show no sign of use. Comparing to previous Gary Player Ignitor Plus hybrids, the drive is about 30 metres longer and a lot straighter at any point of time. I would recommend and increase in loft over what your currently using. Notify me of new posts by email.

The HiBore is hiborw unique to look at, but what bothered us most was the closed face. No other club category is as competitive as drivers with new head shapes all the rage.

NON-CONFORMING Cleveland Hi-Bore XL Driver | #

There are numerous sites So, when choosing a driver, Cleveland was going to be a favorite, by default, in my mind. All other right handed lofts 7. Also, consistent contact is a must in order to play this driver as the shallowness of the clubface leaves less room for error.

Conclusion I believe that if you struggle getting the ball into the air, or put a little too much spin on your drives, the HiBore could definitely be a nice addition to your bag. I guess you can call me a Cleveland homer!


The crown has been painted in a black matte finish that, while not exactly non-glare, definitely creates less glare than the glossy polishes of most other driver crowns. The ball blasts off the club face and it is far the best sounding club to my ears.

Kudos to CG on making an awesome club that i am proud hiboee have in my bag.

Cleveland Introduces Two New HiBore XL Drivers

For maximum ball speed, the XL has a larger sweet spot compared to traditional large-volume drivers and, paired with the deep CG, its high moment of inertia increases stability on off-center hits. One little trick to building accuracey into your drive is to choke up a bit on the driver if you tend to spray your shots when gripping it normally. Must say — I like it much better than the Exotics driver I have been using.

All other characteristics crown paint finish, loft etching on heel, and Cleveland logo alignment aid on crown are all a dead match to the retail model, as I have verified in person.

Plus, word was that you had to tee the ball lower to really catch the sweet spot.