For example, although the following network shares resolve to the same location, we recommend all workstations use the same connect path. These guarantees inform the client that the file server will not allow another client to change the content of the file, or if some change is imminent, the client will be notified before the change is allowed to proceed. Every implementation of oplocks should be evaluated as a trade-off between perceived performance and reliability. This configuration will likely encounter problems with oplocks. So, when moving your NetDir out onto a common location on your network, do not put it in the root of a mapped or shared drive, use a folder.

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PrestwoodBoards: BDE Best Practices: Safely Use Paradox Tables (Corel Paradox / ObjectPAL Coding)

Also included are settings that are known to increase data speed ovbc no-known negative stability effects and may contribute to increasing stability. This note also applies if you are using a file server and occassionally access the Paradox tables using a BDE application installed on the file server.

Your goal is to have stable well-running workstations that never crash. File based databases are still valuable and actively developed and marketed.

Ways of Opening Paradox Files (.db)

This issue also applies to clients that are running Microsoft Windows NT 4. We need to access paradox tables from old Delphi aplications through BDE 5. If False, you risk the integrity of your data. Our current recommendation is that if you’re having problems now with Paradox tables, disable OpLocks on the file server.


Should you stay with Paradox tables?

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When set to True, only applications that support referential integrity can use the tables preventing others, such as Paradox 4 for DOS, from accessing the tables. Do not ignore the “use a file server” standard already ofbc, but if you do choose to go down pzradox dangerous road, you must be sure that the computer that actually hosts the database does not use a local drive letter for data access nor for the NetDir.

My belief is that locking problems are sometimes caused by mis-configuring one of the workstations. Proper Shut-Down Standard Some users get used to the idea of just turning off a computer at the end of the day without properly shutting down. Use a File Server Standard Obdc your data tables on a real file server. Browse faster Browse the web up to 8x faster than Chrome and Safari.

Download and try it today! Well, it’s different, bud I don’t know if better.

oddbc So, when moving your NetDir out onto a common location on your network, do not put it in the root of a mapped or shared drive, use a folder.


Loaded table is the Paradox 5.

Databases – Borland Database Engine (BDE)

Recent Microsoft Betas may be the culprit. You want clean running computers If you are a member, Bee In. Mike has authored 6 computer books and over 1, articles.

CONS These plugins are technically complex and experience is needed to use No graphical user interface all command line. The following best practices are primarily for multi-user Paradox applications.

It could be that concurrent connections are not supported.

Bce 1 of 3. In practice the oplocks introduced by Microsoft are good enough when it paradoox to sharing files like Word documents or Excel spreadsheets in a networking environment. Tuesday, June 16, 6: A best practice is a practice which is most appropriate under the circumstances.

If the database is accessed via N: If one system has the database mapped to drive “N”, then every computer with access to that database must also have it mapped to drive “N”.

It is not a robust and reliable protocol. No Freeze-Ups Standard If you idbc a workstation that freezes up crashes every now and then, don’t ignore it, resolve the issue.