The following code changes the setting of the default session’s PrivateDir property to a user’s C: Do not set PrivateDir to a root directory on a drive. Posted 45 months ago. How to configure BDE to connect to an existing Paradox db with. Sign up using Facebook. Articles by Mike Prestwood.

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Specifying Paradox Directory Locations

If your application runs directly from a network file server, parzdox can improve application performance at runtime by setting PrivateDir to a user’s local hard drive before opening the database. Is there a way to configure BDE or some other workaround to allow access to the live files using the existing. Posted 45 months paravox.

This is bad programming all round. Be sure to read the readme file to see how you can set your defaults in the ini file.

Posted 7 years ago.

Comment 4 of 4 I did post this link somewhere on this site years ago, but I cannot find it anywhere. I have created a C application to read a Paradox. Sign up using Facebook. Or, you can Create a Free account now.


Pparadox TUtility wrapped up in a Prestwood Installation. The queries are simple, ie: If no value is specified for the PrivateDir property, the BDE automatically uses the current directory at the time it is initialized.

I was unable to get it to work by pointing the client BDE install at a mapped drive or UNC folder on the server, as it was wanted to reference a local path on the C: If you are a member, Sign In. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

Comment 3 of 4. Hoping in can bfe someone who is familiar with this scenario. PrivateDir specifies the directory for storing temporary table processing files, such as those generated by the BDE to handle local SQL statements.

Share a thought or comment Coding Websites Computer Tech. Do not set PrivateDir to a root directory on a drive. Doing so generates a Directory is busy error bse running your application from the IDE. I have no control over the Paradox system, my only access to it is through a UNC path to the. Could this cause any issues with the live system?


Problem with file-based databases (Paradox, dBASE) under Windows Vista or later

As a drummer, he maintains play-drums. Comment 2 of 4 Thanks Graham. Comment 1 of 4 Hi All The Link http: I had to create one for my app. Tested on Vista, 7, 8, 8. Somewhere on the server there is a directory that contains a file named pdoxusrs.

This file governs sharing of Paradox tables on network drives. I’m glad I archived the BDE and posted it!!! Message Board -New Activity.

The following code sets NetFileDir for the default session to the location of the directory from which your application runs:.