Please help, and thanks in advance for your help. Because i’ve searched the site with both it’s internal searcher and google for things like sound, sound card, audigy, creative, and not found anything with dos drivers. The easiest way would be either to find a PCIe network card with legacy Windows drivers – it’d be horrendously slow, or perhaps better NetBSD with the same, to see if it worked. Yes there are such toys for embedded comnputing, e. Try to find the ISA bridge chip and look it up if you are not sure which one the motherboard is using. I’ve heard that the audigy1 drivers will not work with Audigy2, but I can’t confirm that. Board index All times are UTC.

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And then coding of own BIOS would be total mess. Here’s another example, an doss card from Startech: Is it possible to use the dosdrv that comes with the Audigy?

Unzip everything everything but checkos. Regardless, it’ll be a little while before i buy either, i have to sell some old hardware on ebay to get some money so, we’ll see later.

Certainly not my music: I can’t imagine the soundblaster emulation will be up to much, and by the stage the Audigy was released, DOS games were no longer a thing vos far as I’m aware.


Audigy 2 Platinum in plain old DOS

VDMSound is abandoned because of some modern Windows incompatibility, so it no longer works there Vista, 7 from what I’ve heard. I run a small personal web server here in my house with low traffic, i could mirror it for whom ever wants to share it, for the dos community. It is possible aidigy do something like that but look how many time it had took them and it was done by more than 1 people.

This breaks accessing sound cards by expecting to have a Sound-Blaster-compatible card, which, some people will assure you, is sudigy native way of sound card access in DOS. I’m pretty resourceful at locating drivers for things, driverguide, googling, etc, so that shouldn’t be too difficult if it was a somewhat main-stream brand that made the thing.

Well, still, no way this card will work in DOS in any way shape or form. It works fine for most uses, but for studio recording and playback especially recordingit sucks. At this point after reboot it will detect sb16 emul device.

If you have such Aaudigy available or may borrow it you can try it and let us know. Announcements, advice, random banter, unrelated discussion, et eos. I’m now interested in this card, not because of MS-DOS, but because it seems to be the latest and greatest Creative card that still supports XP as well as all the new Windows versions. Do post if you get one! There is also an unofficial patch for Audigy 2 cards.


DOS ain’t dead – Sound card for MS-Dos

To “backport” newer devices to older systems. I don’t know whether that’s because ods the chipset or processor though, CMI’s SB support generally is somewhat unreliable.

Nah I’m not buying it. What chipset does have your PCI-only mobo? In what to one race is no time at all, another race can rise and fall FuzzyLogicGoogle [Bot] and 1 guest. There are 2 different ISA bridges.

I’m surprised it’s supported in DOS, though.

DOS ain’t dead

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. In development are improvements to the existing joystick emulation, and possibly VESA support. Back to index page. SB Audigy RX ms-dos compatability? But yeah, manufacturers are annoyingly closed minded about supporting third-party OSes. But existing SW relying on SB compat.

For some it’s fast, for some it’s slow. And all insustrial mobo with ISA that I seen used intel.

This is the case in various old operating systems.