To print the manual completely, please, download it. Click the checkbox next to LaserWriter Bridge to select it. Page printing software setting up the printer configuring for increased memory choosing location 5 — connecting to EtherTalk or TokenTalk installing 17—19, 77—79 network — removing fonts 76—77 connecting to LocalTalk network 3, troubleshooting installation 76—79 14—15 used with other printers 2 connecting to Macintosh 12—13 PrintMonitor program 2, 84, installing printing software 17— Click to turn background printing on or off. What does the term Apple classic fonts mean? Reduce or Enlarge Enlarge or reduce the printed image. The printer should be connected to the host computer by a simple LocalTalk network a network without routers or zones.

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Weight m 7 kilograms A few strokes is usually enough. Insert the cartridge into the printer. Choosing a location for the printer Choose a flat, stable surface with adequate room around the printer. Page Suitcases A font suitcase is a special folder for collections of fonts. Open the Network control panel. Finally, a multifunction inkjet printer with low-cost ink refills Finally, a multifunction inkjet printer aople low-cost ink refills by Justin Yu.

It carries a Class 1 label underneath the printer and a service warning label inside the printer. Choosing A Location For The Printer Choosing a location for the printer Choose a flat, stable surface with adequate room around the printer. Setting job-handling options You can set the printer to maintain contact with the computer until all pages of a job are finished printing. Make sure any paper you use is free of rips, wrinkles, dust, and oil stains. You can use this command to set a variety of options.


When the Macintosh desktop appears, an X appears through your desktop printer icons. Press here to lift the front bracket.

If you use 3-hole paper, line lawerwriter the holes as shown: The printing software that is installed in Chapter 1 requires that you have at least one printer icon on your desktop.

Putting in paper You can put up to sheets of copier-weight bond paper into the paper cassette supplied with your printer.

Apple LaserWriter 4/ PS Laser Printer Toner Cartridges

Maintaining Your Printer This chapter describes the few things you need to do to maintain your printer. Page 85 Chapter 1.

The utility is placed in the Apple Laserwritre software folder when the printer software is installed. The information and procedures described in each section then present how to work with the printer features window of the utility.

Important Safety Instructions Important safety instructions Always take the following precautions: With the toner cartridge out of the way, remove any jammed sheets you see. To avoid paper jams, always wait for the amber Paper Out light on the printer to begin flashing before inserting a new sheet or envelope. Setting the print density If your documents are printing too light or too dark, you can adjust the print density of the printer to print lighter or darker text and images.


Vintage Apple LASERWRITER 4/600 PS Printer M2179

Check whether the printer has fed several sheets of paper into the printer at once. Jan Hedlund Jan Hedlund. To make sure you have the proper system software, follow these steps: Insert a stack of paper under the brackets. Click On or Off. Switching Between Printers Switching between printers If you have more than one printer available, you can select which you want to use. Media Feeder Max Format. Print the first side of the page using either the manual feed option or the paper cassette.

PostScript printer fonts have no numbers associated with their names, because a single laserwritfr can be scaled to any size. TrueType fonts A TrueType font is scalable, describing a typeface without rigidly specifying a size.