Your trust is our top concern. This page was last edited on 18 November , at And Bluetooth technology makes sharing them with friends and family just as easy. The camera isnt the best but for simple shots it does fine and it also has video capabilities. The Motorola L7 is reliable and eye catching. Ratings and Reviews Write a review.

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I feel the price and the features go hand in hand and since this phones is loaded with features then the price is well worth it. Write a review on ProductReview.

The Slvr L6, also from earlywas released shortly before its heavily advertised brother, the L7 see below. Motorola phones and smartphones by series.

The various model designations are for different markets and case styles. For a simple moo diverse phone the Motorola Slvr L7 phone is one of the best cell phones you can buy. I feel the price and the features go hand in hand and koto this phones is loaded with features then the price is well worth it.

Motorola SLVR L7 – Black (Unlocked) Cellular Phone

Ringtones can, however, be transferred using free software, called BitPim. So don’t be tempted by the looks, and slbr your research, you might find something else you like, which could even be cheaper and better.

It comes in silver Verizon Onlyblack, and red Sprint only. Note that the L7i is not the same phone as the “L7 i-Mode” – despite the very similar external appearance, the internal parts are almost completely different.


It also fails to play random tracks if some tracks have a long pathname directory name length plus file name lengthwhere “long” is approximately over 32 characters. The phone truly is thin, the sound quality is great, the screen is big, and the other basics that are advertised.

Motorola SLVR L7 – Full phone specifications

S,vr item doesn’t belong on this page. Motorola SLVR is a mobile marvel sheared to a sophisticated The 5MG internal memory, is like likey sticking a V4 in a ferrari, and expecting it to fly. Similar to the original Slvr, this CDMA version offers a Slgr or Motorola music player which can hold as many songs as the size of the memory card in the phone.

Overall, the Motorola L7 is a great product. This phone has enough features to keep you entertained as well as talking on the phone with your friends and family with a good attitude.

Motorola SLVR L7 – Red (Unlocked) Cellular Phone

It also has a calendar and voice memo as well and the phone is also surprisingly sturdy as it can take a few falls which I’m sure most people will not believe when they first take a glance at it. Meaning it’s not a universal, and if your in business and have to travel out of mito country, that can pose problems depending on your location.

It is an upgrade to the L7e, with an improved camera and FM radio. I can get on ebay and yahoo and a few others but the format isnt the best. The L2, which lacks a camera, external memory, and music features, is marketed specifically to corporate and government markets which generally prohibit their employees from using phones with the listed features.


Instead, the standard Motorola Digital Audio Player is included. Yet its large x TFT display with K colors is a feast for the eyes. Her Looks Can Be Deceiving I’ve bought my slvr two months ago this phone is actually old if you think about it, came inbecause indeed like many others I found it aesthetically attractive But honestly, how often does anybody care what your phone looks like-its a phone.

The signal reception is great, and the battery life is fantastic, as is the norm with Motorola phones – I would get 5 days of use before a recharge was needed. Companies can’t alter or remove reviews from ProductReview. But I also realized that a phone should be a phone, you won’t ever get a great camera on a cell, nor the best set of sound, because if that was the case buying a camera or an ipod would be obsolete.

However, after a few troubles and intense research I’ve realized her looks were decieving. Very reliable, lasted 4 years of medium to heavy use, cant complain about that.

Im sold on this phone. Your trust is our top concern. Motorola SLVR is a mobile marvel sheared to a sophisticated By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It is known for its dedicated web browser and web video downloader which critics have said is the main feature of the Slvr.