News Blog Facebook Twitter Newsletter. Tap the page that you want to view. Incorrect settings may cause your system to malfunction. Cell contents appear here as you enter them. Use ActiveSync options to turn synchronization on and off for specific information types. In Excel Mobile, tap New. Tap to change the sort order of the list.

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In most cases, programs automatically stop to free needed memory. When you write a letter, it is converted to typed text that appears on the screen. Tap to unlock To unlock, tap Unlock left soft key and tap Unlock.

Synchronizing E-mail Messages E-mail messages can be synchronized as part of the general synchronization process. For information on setting ActiveSync options and using ActiveSync on your desktop computer, see ActiveSync Help on the desktop computer.

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Drawings that do not cross three ruled lines will be treated as writing. Bluetooth technology is a short-range wireless communications technology. The system will start synchronizing the Windows Live data.

Capturing Thoughts and Ideas P506 prompted to accept a Bluetooth partnership with another device, tap Yes. The Navigation bar and Start menu: Using the Input panel, tap first to select the field, and then enter a description and a location.


Tap to switch to another view.

For example, you can use the shortcut menu in the contact list to quickly delete a contact, make a copy of a contact or send an email message to a contact. To stop recording, tap the Stop button on the Recording toolbar. Plan et Index Le Glossaire.

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If you want to include the recording in a note, open the note first. For example, e-mail addresses stored in Contacts can be used to address e-mail messages in Messaging. You need to create a partnership between your Pocket PC and desktop computer for visat synchronization. From the program, tap and hold the item you want to beam, such as an appointment in Calendar, a task in Tasks, a contact card in Contacts, or a file in File Explorer.

Flashes in amber to inform you of scheduled appointments, alarms and reminders. Tap an alphabet group to scroll the contact list. Messages are sent as soon as you tap Send.

Using the Input panel, enter a name and other contact information. When you have finished entering the information and tap OK, the workbook is automatically saved and named according to the first characters of text entered in the workbook. Tap the Record button on the Recording toolbar to start recording.


Disassembly, modification or any attempt at repair could cause damage to your Pocket PC and even bodily injury or property damage. Bluetooth To set up or change the Bluetooth connection.

Tap the screen with the stylus to select menu commands or enter information. To receive information and files via Bluetooth technology.

Resetting will cause unsaved data to be lost. You will then see the Today screen. You will also know how to enter information and lock your Pocket PC.

You can charge the battery before it is vizta. Tap outside the menu to close it without performing an action. Incorrect settings may cause your system to malfunction. Pour vous guider sur la Route: