If possible, test the router and the adapter together on a different PC, meaning one with different hardware. The only thing common to the router and the PC was the powerline. The issue sounds a lot like the one we have at a school I support. Besides, Intel has taken care about wide memory facilities that manifest themselves is various operational frequencies from MHz to OC MHz. Are they sharing IRQs? You said you tried it and there were “no issues”. Also what is the motherboard make, model and revision, and firmware revision?

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A photo of the box it j2m0338 in As to the driver for the usb adaptor itself, I am at a bit of a loss to identify it. Sorry, I am not expert at updating these things so am at a loss here also.

It is estimated for three thousand cycles of cell rewriting and predestined for mid-market sector. I noticed one was for a network adaptor Intel V Gigabit so that was duly updated with no change to my problem. Are they sharing IRQs? This external drive is ….

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Did I misunderstand something? Its a case of “If it aint broke, dont fix it! Also, googling the model numbers you specified brings up these pages: The problem with these adapters that I have read about is “silent corruption” when transferring large files. Irrespective of the rich choice, some products prove to be inefficient in coping with certain tasks. Kingston HyperX 3K is a product with outstanding parameters and prolonged life. Not sure what else wnidows from the adapter being physically incompatible with your hardware – though jmiicron is not something we see a lot of these days, it does happen.


In the old days we would get very obvious IRQ conflicts.

Download drivers for JM SATA, USB Combo

jmicorn So if anyone can any one recommend an adaptor that is known to be reliable – I’ll get one of those. The hardware or box it came in does not state the manufacturer or part number.

This is, indeed, an incredible property that can’t be currently beaten by any rival product. It should be underlined that with the development of ever newer technologies ascribed to the design of micro chips, SSDs increased their work immensely.

Download driver JM20338 SATA, USB Combo

Drivers may also be available for free directly from manufacturers’ websites. So you have a connection like: I have tried turning the router wifi off – no change, and placing the router and HDD as far apart as readily possible about 12 feet – they were quite close still no joy. Also the removal of the resistor as described in the links are a possible solution, though I can confirm none of this as I have not investigated it. A lot of these devices will detect as 1 thing, but need proper drivers to work as it is supposed to.


It then reconnects and shuts down repeatedly. I am going to guess that the mjicron is intel, and maybe i5? Page 1 of 2. No affiliation or endorsement is intended or implied. Search for drivers by ID or device name Known devices: Does this mean anything to you?

All the drives are developed in 2.

And another kid of long shot, but wouldn’t hurt is the firmware for the router. The issue sounds a lot like the one we have at a school I support.

JMicron JM20338 SATA, USB Combo Free Driver Download

The only thing common to the router and the PC was the powerline. Model, codenamed Intel DZ75MLK, is a bright representative of this windowd, being a large-scale entry-level solution.

Durability and fool-proof work are one of the major SSD identifying features that worry the targeted users. Exactly why I suggested a powerline distribution of EMI.