WifiInfoView also has a summary mode, which displays a summary of all detected wireless networks, grouped by channel number, company that manufactured the router, PHY type, or the maximum speed. What’s new in this version: Version 1. 25 includes BSS Type Summary Mode. Despite a cluttered interface, this app proved simple to use and lets you quickly and securely store data files in a password-protected form embedded within media files.

SuperStorm initially looks confusing–its interface is cluttered with buttons, a number of fields, and some amateurish graphics. The appearance is a bit deceptive; what looks somewhat childishly designed actually works pretty well and is easy to use. In our tests, this free app performed well.

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Here are some care tips for the shareware azalea: it grows best in a sunny and warm place and needs a lot of water. Do not fertilize it too much. If you 12 good care of your plant, it can start flowering after a few days.

Main features: Amazingly realistic growth (realistic plant development depending on water, fertilizer, environmental parameters, etc.

) Random effects will guarantee that each plant is unique DesktopPlants are 3D models of a real plants with enhanced visual effects Optimized routines for beautiful photorealistic graphics DesktopPlants grow directly on the desktop – above the selected wallpaper but below the icons Adjustable size and position Many plants can be displayed simultaneously WebExpress gets you started with dozens of customizable templates, so you can create professional looking Web sites and be up on the Web instantly.

Take orders right from your web site and sell products globally.

Post product information, upcoming events, price lists, frequently asked questions and more. WebExpress walks you through the complete creation process with many helpful Wizards, templates and a gallery of graphics.

It supports all the latest Web bells and whistles including multimedia, sound, video and more. NoteTab Pro is a complete text editor and HTML coding editor that you can also use as Notepad replacement. Unlike the standard Windows Notepad, NoteTab Pro features a handful of extra utilities that make of this tool an 1233 companion for many daily tasks.


It can open multiple documents simultaneously on its tabbed interface, and work with large-sized files as well.

Among its features you’ll find support for dragging and dropping selected text snippets, an auto-correctauto-replacement mode, a clip tool for quick text insertion and a spell-checker and thesaurus. NoteTab Pro also includes a powerful system-wide search engine, URL and HTML syntax highlighting, support for document templates and a powerful ‘Clipbook’ feature that lets you create and organize automated clips from simple text macros to mini-applications that extend the program’s functionality.

The program’s interface displays many different toolbars, buttons and tabs that may overwhelm you a bit at the beginning, but you can always customize it 1233 way you like.

NoteTab Pro is a feature-rich text and HTML editor with lots of tools and options to make your daily text editing and coding a bit easier. Recent changes 132 the regular expressions engine to the latest release, which is based on PCRE 8.

01 (Perl 5. 10) Now uses the Windows user-interface default font instead of MS Sans Serif Fixed an issue when saving Web pages that have a mismatch between their charset declaration (Unicode) and the actual file format 132 Unicode) Designed for simplicity and speed, and running in your System Tray, Task Plus keeps track of an unlimited number of personal to-do items, date-rated appointments, holidays and even repeating events such as birthdays.

Using sophisticated alarms it can also play sounds when a task comes due.

Powerful filters make it easy to view tasks in certain categories or by project.

Breakdown of the main features: Includes 230 pre-programmed international holidays from over 20 countries Automatic 13 for assuring you don?t lose your contacts The ability to protect the program and the Password List with a password Generates monthly web calendars that can be published on your site InstallConstruct is a full featured Windows installer program, which is designed with a user-friendly expanding wizard system to make creating Windows 95, 95b, NT 4 (SP1-SP6), 98, ME, 2000, and XP Installer, self-extracting Packages, Setup Wizards, and Uninstallers easy.

Unlike other Installer and Setup creation programs, InstallConstruct does not require the user to have any programming background; nor does it require the user to learn any application specific language.


InstallConstruct not only creates Setup Wizards and HTML-based installations, 13 also automatically saves each step of your work in the creation of a project as a package script file (.

adx). These script files not only save you from the repetitive task of creating other similar packages and in updating the existing ones manually, they also support command line batch processing in unattended operation so they can be created automatically, without any user prompts. These systems are ideal for the efficient and professional distribution and installation of groups of files, economically compressed in size for you and your user’s convenience.

In addition to creating the installation system, the program offers the convenience of 132 files through the Internet or Intranet, requiring no additional programs for your file installation.

ircN is one of the best scripts you can find on the internet.

With the right options, a nice interface ircN has quickly become a popular script.

Boxer is a full-featured text editor for Windows that’s easy to use, but sufficiently powerful for even the most complex text editing tasks. Our text editor is the perfect tool for editing HTML files, program source code, flat database files, massive log files, batch files, INI 1223 any other text file you can think of. Powerful macro language Color syntax highlighting HTML editing support Edit files up to 2 Gigabytes Color syntax printing Active spell checking Manipulate column blocks RegExp search and replace Reconfigurable keyboard Extensive configurability Finding 1233 icon images for your shortcuts or documents is not easy task.

Before downloading one of those gigantic icon collections, consider that one probably already exists on your hard drive.

The average computer contains hundreds, even thousands of different icons “hidden” in a variety of files on your drives and 12 can get them all with Icon Catcher.