There is also another small sliding latch above the keys to help with keeping the whole thing from folding up when in use. One of those is the ability to assign hotkey combinations to launch different apps. The basic design is a five row QWERTY keyboard with some of the less used characters activated in combination with a special function key. Typing with the keyboard is not quite as pleasant as I had hoped. I have the Palm IR keyboard and I loathe it.

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Size-wise, how does this thing compare with your older Palm-branded Vrando keyboard? For one, I don’t like the 4 keyboard layout. There is also a dedicated key for “home”. Let me put it this way: There is still too much flex to realistically use it on anything other than a stiff flat surface.

Brando’s iPhone-Sized Bluetooth Keyboard For iPad | Cult of Mac

Could they see everything I was typing? The keyboard folds in half when not in use. Any use of the word Palm is for discussion purposes and is a registered trademark of Palm Inc. The size difference was striking.

I suppose that I might be able to get used to it if it was something I used very regularly. The Brando keyboard was one-half a key narrower overall. What would happen if someone sitting within range connected with the keyboard as well. The PDA will not sit level and will slide forward into the 30 degree position if brandi on the tab.


That is because of the metal tab used to pull the bluerooth out of the unit. Anyway, if anyone really does want to trade, please just send me a private message so we can keep the discussion here on-topic.

Palm Wireless Keyboard with Bluetooth Review

A reference to “Brando” helped me find http: Unless the term “full-size” means something really different than I’m used to, this keyboard does not have full-sized keys. What I’m wanting now is the newer black five-row Palm IR keyboard.

My width comparison was from the left edge of the “A” key to the right edge of the quotation key. I’m traveling a lot and not checking into PIC very often, so sorry for the slow response.

Did you just get a chance to test it with a TX?

Palm Wireless Keyboard with Bluetooth Review

It ALL comes down to driver support for these things, ya know. Sounds like you have the same “old-style” grey four-row IR keyboard that I have. It’s just poorly designed. Interestingly, as I turned on my Palm TX Bluetooth, I located a bunch of other electronics transmitting a Bluetooth signal, including someone’s T3 or so it was named. Keyobard least for me, this creates far too many typing errors, and that of defeats the whole point of using a keyboard. Anyone else still on Palm??!?

It isn’t necessarily a bad thing to have reduced sized keys since it keeps the overall size smaller, but I don’t think this keyboard should be advertised as having full-sized keys when it does not.


Ron aka twrock July 28, I’m about halfway through a trans-Pacific flight, and since I’m stuck here, I decided that this was a good time to write up a quick review of the Brando Keyboqrd Keyboard. My two other Palm keyboards were Palm branded, one that connected directly to brqndo Palm IIIxe and one of the old-style IR keyboards with four rows of keys.

A huge factor is the key size, of course. Open, it is about two centimeters longer.

Brando Bluetooth Smart Keyboard Review

Any idea on how the battery life would be under average usage conditions? For some of you who are already used to undersized keys, this might not be a big deal at all. The Brando Smart keyboard has a few additional features worth noting.

Since this keyboard is usable with a number of different devices cell phones as well as PDA’sextra-small might be what a lot of people are looking for. It allows for both landscape or portrait mode.