For parts or not working. A majority of the engineering and design team working on “Rampage” the successor to the VSA line that remained with the transition, were requested and remained in house to work on what became the GeForce FX series. See all 5 reviews. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The iconic Voodoo2 SLI setup holds nostalgic value for some people. Archived from the original on 22 August

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Very small hole on front.

3dfx Voodoo Graphics review

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. In February was released GLQuake thanks to efforts of 3dfx. For sale is an extremely rare box and inner box for a 3dfx voodoo 3 graphics card. Also, 3dfx had plans for a Voodoo 5which would have come with four VSA chips installed and would have been powered by an external power supply, dubbed “Voodoo Volts”. See questions and answers.

3dfx Interactive

While it was not as popular as Voodoo Graphics or Voodoo2, the Banshee sold in respectable numbers. The abstraction layers’ overhead crippled performance in practice.

You are here eBay Brands 3dfx Skip to page navigation. I spent over an hour with CS to report this as fake. This also further alienated 3dfx’s remaining OEM customers, as they had a single source for 3dfx products and could not choose accelertor CEM to provide cost flexibility.


This section possibly contains original research. The game 33d then acceleratog to confirm T-buffer usage in the console when starting it up. Voodoo was easy to program and hard to slow down. The Voodoo 5 never made it to market, due to a severe bug resulting in data corruption on the AGP bus on certain boards, and was limited to AGP 2x. A method to improve texture quality with Voodoo cards is setting a negative LOD bias in the driver settings, resulting in a sharper image.

The cooling fan ran silent without any signs of wear.

It is advisable to take your own. However, in the early days of the 3D graphics card, Direct3D and OpenGL implementations were vooeoo non-existent or, at minimum, substantially less mature than today, and computers were much slower and acfelerator less memory.

Card was Never over clocked and only used to play the game Outlaws. Sega solicited two competing designs: After STB was acquired by 3dfx, Nvidia focused on being a virtual graphics card manufacturer for the OEMs and strengthened its position in selling finished reference designs ready for market to the OEMs. After Nvidia acquired 3dfx, mainly for its intellectual property, they announced that they would not provide technical support for 3dfx products.

In late3dfx released the Voodoo3which effectively replaced the Voodoo2 as the company’s flagship product. The cards also support Voooo Scan-Line Interleavea technique which allows 2 cards to be run simultaneously and draw the lines of the image in turn, boosting performance and enabling a resolution of up acceleragor x Would you like to tell us about a lower price?


This article needs additional citations for verification. On the other hand textures may sometimes be too blurred and default gamma can be too high for some gamers. Testing those two with their last official driver I got these results.

A majority of the engineering and design team working on “Rampage” the successor to the VSA line that remained with the transition, were requested and remained in house to work on what became the GeForce FX series. The 2D core achieved near-theoretical maximum performance with a null driver test in Windows NT.

Second only to the later and final release of vooodo Voodoo 5 Guaranteed Delivery see all. However, Napalm was delayed, and in the meantime Nvidia brought out their landmark GeForce chip, which shifted even more of the computational work from the CPU to the graphics chip. I did a few quick tests with 6 MB version of Voodoo.

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